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What exactly is an Author coach?

  • You've likely worked with consultants if you have a business or worked in corporate America. Consultants are people who have extensive knowledge of a specific industry or an area of the industry and can help professionals streamline their goals and be more productive. authors coach

    An Author Coach works as a writer consultant. An Author Coach is someone who has extensive experience in publishing and writing, and can help authors achieve their goals.

    But why would anyone want to work with an Author Coach? What are the benefits of this experience?

    Truth is, most editors and freelance writers offer both editing and writing services. These services are fine and all. But what about those writers who wish to do the work themselves. They want to maintain their own style and voice without having it compromised by an overzealous copywriter or editor.

    Because we all have different writing styles, it is easy to get overwhelmed. An Author Coach is a coach who helps an author's career without providing any direct assistance. She may offer suggestions and look at work, but she doesn't make any modifications. authors 21-day challenge

    An Author Coach can help you answer your most pressing questions. For years, the writing and publishing industries have been very hush-hush. When it comes to offering advice, successful freelancers and authors are like Mum. I'm the same way, to a point, because I figured it out on my own, and my knowledge comes from experience. An Author Coach can provide valuable advice.

    Author Coaching can be costly. Prices range from $100 to $500 for an hour depending on which Author Coach you choose.

    The good news about it is that it is often a one time investment. You may also get a complimentary bonus. For example, I offer a free manuscript critique with the price of an Author Coaching session. Lisa Taylor Huff, Freelancer, offers a free copy her e-book. Author Coach Brian Wesling provides a free subscription.

    Now, you need to determine if Author Coaching is right and appropriate for you. This is often difficult to do unless there are specific questions you need answered or you seek guidance. What questions have always baffled you about your writing career and why?

    It really makes no sense to pay for author coaching unless you have pertinent questions to which you need answers immediately. What is the best way to get more success as an author coach? Perhaps to secure a publishing deal? Before you reach out for external assistance, be clear about your goals.

    You should email or mail to the Author Coach a copy of any manuscript you are working on before you meet with him. To ensure that the advice you receive is tailored to your specific situation, give him or her a chance to review it. A short article, article, or story might be a good idea for your Coaching session. You will give your Author Coach a basic idea about your talent, skills, and expertise.

    If you decide to do Author Coaching, I suggest that you compile a list of clients who are satisfied and call them to confirm that the Coach is qualified. I would also suggest reading articles, books, and ebooks in order to answer your questions before you commit to an Author Coaching session.