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Outdoor Wall Washing Lights

  • Wall washing lights cast uniform brightness and are meant to illuminate a wall or any other vertical surface. The purpose of wall washing lights is to highlight a wall or a vertical space, and is a key lighting component used nowadays in interior designs. 

    Wall washing lights are mostly used to draw attention to an artwork or any other piece on the wall. It's used in residential spaces nowadays, but is also used in shops and other commercial establishments to accentuate entrances or their products. 

    Wall washing lights create a diffusing, soft glow in the space they're installed in, which also makes them efficient in hallways, staircases, and narrow rooms. 

    LED Wall Washing Light at Greyellow

    Add pictereque dimensions to your space with wall washing lights from Greyellow. Greyellow specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling functional lighting solutions. Our technology and products are groundbreaking, with the latest advancements in lighting solutions incorporated across all our systems. We also specialize in wall washing lights. 

    Our outdoor wall mounted washing lights give an architectural appearance to gardens and pathways. Get wall washing lights at Greyellow with cool white and warm white shades that'll surely add a decorative charm to your home or office interiors.