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Here are some methods to unblock drains

  • I've tried many methods to unblock drains over the course of my life. You will find what I learned in this article. unblock toilet Bracknell

    The first example we'll look at is when I was told that coke would unblock a drain well. When one of my drains got clogged, I bought a huge bottle of coke. I poured it all down. It was quite predictable what happened. The blocked drain had been causing anything poured into it to come out in the shower, and so all that happened was that the shower filled up with fizzy coke.

    The other thing that has been recommended and I tried it on the same drain after I had removed the coke, was bleach or some type of drain cleaner. I bought some of this stuff and used it to clean the drain. Although the drain was not blocked completely, it was still not ideal. I had already spent more money than necessary for what I considered to have little or no effect. I decided that I would try the last possible solution that I had seen, which was to use a plunger.

    I didn't have any plunger so I phoned the landlord. The landlord made arrangements for a plumber and had him come with his own electric plunger. He took about five minutes and then the blockage was gone, which was great. unblock sink Bracknell

    Essentially, the moral of this story is that whilst things like drain cleaner may work for smaller blockages, for larger ones it might be best to get a professional in. It can save you both time and money. They say you should know your limits. As with many things, you might be able to do it yourself, but if you are unsure then it could be better to get somebody who is. Imagine what it would look like if coke had leaked from my shower and damaged my bathroom floor. This should also serve as a warning.