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    Dolores Lopez and her dedicated team of attorneys specialize in child custody and family dispute matters in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside Counties. We provide the legal expertise and tools to assist you with family disputes related to child custody, divorce, spousal support, asset division, etc.
    Child custody disputes are the most complex and emotionally draining part of any family case. Our Child custody attorney in orange county understand this, so we strive for favorable resolutions while pursuing the best available legal channels for you. Our attorneys represent your interests in the court of law, alleviating the legal burdens of child custody and marital separation. Our obligation is toward the child’s best interests and securing a positive family environment for our clients.
    Child Custody in California
    Dolores Lopez and her Orange County child custody attorneys know that family courts throughout California favor the child’s best interest. Every custody battle in the court is won by the parent who can prove that they’re financially and emotionally capable of guiding, caring, and nurturing their children. In the absence of an amicable agreement between the couple, the matter is presented to the court, which determines the primary custody of the child.
    The following factors are considered here:
    •  The lifestyle of each parent
    •  The financial situation of each parent
    •  The mental and physical capability of each parent
    •  The ability of each parent to provide food and shelter
    •  Relationship between the parents and their children
    •  Past records of domestic violence or substance abuse
    •  Suitability of each parent’s lifestyle to the child’s.