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Rustylions Powder Coating | Powder Coating nj Prices

  • ​How Much of an Effect Does Powder Coating Have on the Durability of an Item

    Since its introduction in the mid-1990s, the novel idea of powder coating by electrostatic spray method has changed the approach to product finishing for a broad range of metallic and non-metallic substrates. As a novel alternative to traditional liquid painting processes, it has been favored by several industries.

    Today, there is scarcely an industry or residence that does not use powder coating services to take advantage of its incredible protecting feature, durability, flawless finishing, appreciating value, and cost advantage for product coating. Powder-coated metal surfaces give great resistance to chipping, scratching, flaking, fading, and abrasion, as well as a coating that is extremely resistant to oxidation and corrosion. 

    After the electromagnetically charged powder grains have been injected into the surface and subsequently baked in the facility, the powder grains are melted and bonded. Unlike conventional wet painting, powder coating provides for significantly more robust and natural-looking body coatings.

    On electrical accessories, lighting items, home furnishings, etc., powder coating services may provide a wide range of color options with a variety of textural finishes, ranging from smooth to matte, glossy to ultra-glossy or fluorescent grains. Typically, matt or rough finishing is used for industrial applications to protect the surface from all types of markings and stains.

    One of the many advantages of powder coating services is that the coating is often applied in a single step. It becomes a very cost-effective solution for industrial coatings. It also considerably reduces operational expenses and working hours and increases overall productivity. The expansion of infrastructure simplification, process minimalism, and decreased worker hours enables companies to get powder coating services at affordable prices and quicker rates.

    Rustylions Powder Coating meets all your requirements. We specialize in commercial - residential applications, in addition to customized designs and bigger projects. With cutting-edge technology & a wealth of expertise, you can rely on our team to apply powder coating perfectly – every time! Simply contact Rustylions at 1- 347-613-8103 or 973-459-8515!

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