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The enormous amount of cleaningPart 37: Putting some scrap alum

  • If I keep posting the same content on my channel and people get sick of it, then I don't want to have a choice in the matter anymore. It's possible that this indicates that they are exhausted. I'm not sure if you've participated in any of the recycling, old bottle, or worm tests that have been hosted on my channel. What are we going to do today? I'll go for another walk around the yard since I have to clean the house thoroughly. This is just a brief interruption in the regularly scheduled programming.

    I am aware that it is the same. You'll find that the structure has a very pleasant echo throughout it. Someone is staring at me while I'm standing in front of the store. Both the aluminium foil and the shop are losing their occupants, and the inventory at the shop is drastically falling. There are a few awful establishments that I frequent. The area behind us is currently being cleaned up of a significant amount of scrap metal. In point of fact, we have some lovely and beautiful days, with frosty mornings but sunny afternoons, so I can do something outside on those days. Now, these pieces of content are just a little bit like a travel progress report, showing a variety of different locations. Even now, Coco is interacting with me through play. I believe now, well, the cleaning is going on here, and I won't scan around too much because it's just the same, the same old thing; obviously there are less East and West, but let me show you what I'm doing first thing in the morning. To answer your question, the container has not yet been moved. Some old plywood and even some old documents that we need to deal with were among the things that I burned last night. Now, I know that some of you brought it up just to call it debris and get rid of all of these things, but I want to clarify something. It's really difficult for me to part with something of value, so I checked their saucepans really quickly. When I said quickly, what I meant was that I simply hit them with a hammer if there is a handle on it, or some steel is easy to break, and then I put them into the container. As you are probably aware, even after day D, I can still easily bring aluminum to the scrap yard, which makes the effort worthwhile. Now, these electric frying pans have an element that is molded into the pan, and it is not simple to remove the element. In a similar vein, I've got some old frying pans in front of me, complete with handles and steel, and I'm not going to bother removing those rivets.

    You can put dirty aluminum in the air because aluminum doesn't have a lot of weight when it's in the air. The brackets that hold the handles on some pans, particularly older ones, are made of steel despite the pan's thicker construction. It's possible that one has just been formed; in that case, give the old bakelite handle a tap with a hammer to disconnect it. Because of this, we will end up with very pure aluminum, and therefore I will do it. Because these are vintage, we should be very good with them; however, we should check them and the base on the magnet to make sure. Some of them are magnetic on the bottom because they have a steel base that is submerged in alloy, but the sides are not magnetic. no problem. So, tell me, what other difficulties do we face. Indeed, it seems to me that the gearbox there might be made of dirty aluminum. No, it does not have a magnetic field. Remove the handle by kicking it. The weight of these five pens is a little bit excessive. They have a substantial thickness. I'd like to bring the radiator back with me. I will not give them to the copper and aluminum scrap dealer in my area because it would be worthwhile for me to strip them first. Additionally, this one has steel plates, and as a result, I need to remove the steel plates. Because I believe that they are currently worth approximately five dollars per kilogram, because they are very heavy, and because there is another one, I will take them home to dispose of them.

    But because it might still have gas, I think I can also take the entire air compressor to the dump, which reminds me of my next or my current plan. Well, there is an entire air conditioner and a radiator in there. Then, on the final day or two days before "d day," I will be able to load these things into the truck, and then I will be able to load it into the car until I have time to travel to Melbourne. In this way, it will be basically cleaned up in an hour, or you know how long it takes to load it, so I will pile it all up near the fence, and I won't take it inside the aluminium supplier with me.

    I can load it, and then the entire location will be clean; I suppose there is nothing time-sensitive that requires me to use a car. In my spare time, I am able to travel to Melbourne. This location contains some aluminum that has been cleaned.

    There was a significant amount of space made for bathtubs, and everything was organized. I really hope it will end up looking like rusty steel or dirty aluminum. There are also some old roofs, which I intend to demonstrate to this individual in a moment. However, the weather today is absolutely gorgeous. Since I plan on finishing my coffee and getting a lot of work done today, I would say that today is a very productive day. I'm delighted that I get to spend the entire day in the yard. Since I have removed the weeds from this side of the yard and thrown them away in the green trash can, my neighbors should now be willing to lend me quite a few of their possessions. I captured their likeness in a photograph. I added them to the Facebook group and made sure everyone had access to them for free. In point of fact, they are still very helpful, but I also gave them to you because I think they would make good chicken boxes, and I'm hoping that someone will take them away because it's difficult for them to get rid of the rest of the yard. I hope that someone will take them away. This is a post that I made as an advertisement on Facebook.

    I then use a shovel to bury it in the compost, allowing one end to become wet and the other end to become dry. It makes a distinction between the worms. Because the effect is so beneficial, I offer it to you at no cost. Even though I threw more trash into the fire that was started here, I was still able to make some headway in the middle of this heap of trash. The local waste dealer might remove the rusty rod from the lawn mower if it's in their purview.

    Selling the older rod ons is a very challenging endeavor. It lacks an engine, one of its tires is flat, and it has no other components. Today, we did discuss these lawn mowers in conversation with the dump.

    It looks like the container will either be here later tonight or early in the morning tomorrow, so that's great. However, take a look at this space before we return here later today to complete the remaining tasks. Everything has been put away. We recently used an extender from Christine's shop, which means that we need to change the address of the device; therefore, we really need to make arrangements to connect the Internet in the aluminium supplier next door. I'll bring a gas heater with me, but I haven't actually loosened the gas accessories yet. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the event that Cocoa needs to take a nap due to the gas leak, there is a spot for her to do so. This does not occur very frequently. Either she gave it her all or she got the dog to stop.

    At some point, this room will turn out to be a terrible room. It is imperative that I proceed past this point. I have relocated a large number of shelves and cabinets from this location, and as a result, they are currently vacant. As a result, one of the dreadful rooms is now under control; however, the room still appears messy, and there are many boxes packed, so now I just need to move. Christine was kind enough to assist me in the hallway here a few days ago. We were able to pack a lot of things and move some shelves, despite the fact that the space is still very restricted. There are a lot of tubs and boxes that need to be moved to the next door over.