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Requirements for the use environment of the endoscopy camera sy

  • Everyone knows that the advantage of the endoscopy camera system is that it can replace manual detection in very harsh environments. Compared with manual inspection, what are the advantages of the endoscopy camera system? And what are the requirements for the use environment? Today, Xiaobian will share with you:

    In the structure of the high-definition industrial endoscope, there is a high-definition color CCD, and the observed lens is processed by freezing, video, magnification, analysis, measurement, etc. The minor defects and damages detected intuitively make up for the defects of manual detection to a large extent, and also greatly benefit the efficiency of maintenance equipment.

    In addition, there are many areas that cannot be entered manually, such as high temperature and high pressure areas, toxic and radiation areas, etc., which can save labor, and use high-definition endoscopes for inspection work, which greatly facilitates the inspection work of inspectors.

    Compared with manual detection, many harsh environments are more suitable for using endoscopy camera system. Even so, the use of industrial endoscopes has certain environmental requirements. For example, if there is strong electromagnetic interference or severe voltage fluctuations around the detection site, it will affect the detection results of the endoscopy camera system and cause deviations. .

    In addition, excessively low temperature or ultra-high temperature will affect the normal detection of enterprise equipment. In order to ensure the image quality presented by the detection, the detection process is best carried out in a quiet interior design with sufficient and soft light as much as possible. <

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