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The Best Runewords To Use Early In Diablo 2: Resurrected

  • Runes are powerful d2r items that may drastically enhance a personality's viability in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Runewords are particular combos of runes that grant the further player bonuses when positioned right into a piece of gear in the best order.

    While there are far too many Runewords, players leveling through the game for the first time will want to seek out a few standouts. Each of these Runewords can be obtained fairly easily before reaching level 30, and many are still effective in later levels of the game. So in this guide, we will show you some of the best Runewords to use in the early game.

    Stealth (Tal + Eth)

    Stealth is a Diablo 2 Resurrected runeword created by combining tal + eth into a 2 socket body armor. They can be farmed from The Countess boss in Act 1. It requires at least level 17 to equip. Stealth increases your Cast Rate by 25%. A faster cast rate reduces the cast animation time of all spells. It does not have any effect on cast delays though. Stealth also increases your Hit Recovery Speed by 25%. Faster hit recovery reduces the "hit stun" animation time, triggered when a hit takes more than 1/12th of your total life.

    Lore (Ort + Sol)

    Lore is one of the earliest and easiest Runewords, and it's a popular leveling Runeword for its +1 to All Skills trait. With easy-to-acquire Runes and some other nice features, it's a great helm that you may find yourself re-making in a higher-level hat as you level higher. You will need to socket Ort + Sol Runes in that order to make the Lore Runeword.

    Ancient's Pledge (Ral +Ort + Tal)

    Ancient's Pledge is a bit of a no-brainer for shield users, as the runes used to create it are simply given out to players after completing the "Rescue on Mount Arreat" quest in Diablo 2: Resurrected Act V. The Runeword grants +50% Enhanced Defense, +43% Cold Resist, and +48% to Fire, Lightning, and Poison. Ancient's Pledge is formed with the Ral, Ort, and Tal runes. Ancient's Pledge is not the most powerful rune, but it is very useful because it is very cheap to make. You can also make it very early on in the normal difficulty of the game, while other runewords are available only in nightmare or hell difficulty.

    Rhyme (Shael + Eth)

    Rhyme is created by combining shael + eth into a 2 socket shield. It requires at least level 29 to equip. Rhyme is a popular shield runeword due to it Cannot be Frozen mod. It is one of the only budget ways to this bonus reliably, as other uniques rely heavily on luck to obtain. It cannot be Frozen is almost a necessity for most melee characters, so this runeword is an easy choice for low-level players.

    Spirit (Tal +Thul +Ort + Amn)

    Spirit Runeword is an attractive Runeword to make in Diablo 2: Resurrected not only because it is an easier one to craft, but you can make it at a relatively low level. One of the biggest reasons to craft Spirit Runeword is that it has its significant Increased Cast Rate. It is level 25 Runeword. You can place it in 4 Socket Sword or 4 Socket Shield. To make Spirit Runeword, you need Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn and a Horadic Cube. Once you get all the runes, place them in the Sockets of 4 Socket Shield or 4 Socket Sword and make your Spirit Runeword.

    Steel (Tir + El)

    Steel has the lowest level requirement of any Runeword, usable starting at level 1. It's easy for Diablo 2: Resurrected players to put together, though it will likely be replaced before too long. It can be used on axes, maces, or swords, but its +50 to Attack Rating, 50% chance of Open Wounds, and 25% Increased Attack Speed make it work best with a faster weapon. Steel is formed with the Tir and El runes.

    Insight (Ral + Tir +Tal +Sol)

    Insight is created by combining ral + tir + tal + sol into a 4 socket polearm, staff or missile weapon. It requires at least level 27 to equip. Insight is mainly used for its Meditation Aura, providing nearly unlimited mana for casters. 'This aura runeword is almost exclusvely used as act 2 mercenary runeword, but can also be consumed by Necromancer\s Iron Golem, both will activate the Meditation Aura for the team.'

    With this guide, you should be well on your way to understanding the best Runewords to use early in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Also, don't forget to check our dedicated Diablo section for guides, news and much more!