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How To Make Big Money Off Credit Cards

  • It's possible to use credit cards for nearly every expense today. It is difficult to believe, but credit cards weren't an option to pay for most of the major fast food chains and doctors' offices in 5-10 years. Plastic is now the currency of choice. There's even a mortgage company that has teamed up with American Express so you can pay your mortgage with a credit card. The IRS accepts credit card payments to pay taxes. carding forum

    Let's suppose that you have to spend 25k, 40k or 100k annually on everything you need. Earn rewards for all this spending. This message board, along with other credit card forums, offers great suggestions on how you can maximize your benefits. Incentives include 1% cashback on all your purchases, 5% cashback on certain categories such as gas, office supply, and other items. It's possible to get money back for things you already spend.

    At the time of writing, this website offers a free credit-card with 5% cashback on most popular categories like gas and 1% for everything else. That card would give you an additional $1000 to $3000 each year depending on how much you spend annually. You should take advantage of this free money! It's almost like your boss giving an extra 2% bonus each year. You would earn enough money to go on a vacation if you had an average salary of $50k-75k annually.

    When selecting a rewards credit card there's a few important things to look for. First, there shouldn't be an annual fee. The second is that the rewards should be simple to redeem. In an effort to discourage redemption of points, some credit card companies make the process complicated. For real feedback, you should check out online forums for credit cards. Third, you shouldn't be required to spend a specific amount in order to earn points. No matter how much you spend, cash should be earned back. Many credit cards are available from major companies, such as American Express Visa MasterCard MasterCard and Discover, that all meet these criteria. hacked wu transfer

    Generally speaking, it's smarter to opt for simple cash back. When you choose to receive rewards, such electronics or other merchandise, the value of the reward is often less than if the reward was cash back. This is why it's recommend to take the cash. While you may want a TV for free, don't accept the one offered by the rewards section. Take the cash and buy it yourself - your're far more likely to get better bang for your buck.