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How to Select the Best Golf Ball for Your Golf Swing

  • Introduction

    Golf balls are made to correct your weaknesses, making your poor tendencies and misses more forgiving. Golf ball compression is a word or a term that applies to the density of your golf ball when the ball is struck. If the compression of a golf ball does not match a golfer's swing speed, either the lack of compression or over-compression will occur, resulting in loss of distance. What ball is right to fit your swing?


    A golfball can be described as a ball made for golf. Golf balls must be approved by the United States Golf Association and Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews before they can be used in competitions. The right golf ball should first conform to the rules of golf. click to read more


    Let's say that you want more range, better shot control, or lower scores. Compression doesn't affect distance as much golfers think. It is because of changes in golf ball design over the years. However, compression does provide control and feel options. Many weaker golfers think they get greater distance using harder balls. However, shorter irons can make it difficult to get the ball in the air. This could lead to a loss in distance with longer clubs and woods.

    If distance is your only factor than the use of a Surlyn cover of the two piece design is probably the ball of choice. The most important thing is that an average golfer won't need to swing 120 miles an hour to achieve greater ball compressions or longer distances. There is a perfect golf ball that will increase your distance and decrease the effects of bad shots like hooks, slices, etc. But how do we find it exactly?

    Golf Ball Construction

    Surlyn two-piece construction results in a ball with higher launch angles and lower spin rates. This ball travels further than the average player due to its higher launch rate and lower spin rates. click to read more

    Multi-core balls and multi-cover irons have lower launch angles, which results in greater spin off. This gives golfers from beginner to professional the opportunity to have higher spin rates and feel the ball more.

    The Right Ball

    A ball that feels right is one that has a certain distance and feel. You can only measure that feel by hitting the ball, observing how it moves and reacts to impact on the green. Hitting the ball with each of your clubs to get the right feel is the only way to truly evaluate the performance of a ball. Check out the various constructions and compressions available to find the best one for your game.