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Can You Meditate While Listening to Meditation Music?

  • Some schools of meditation say that music should not be used for meditation and that silence is the best. What if there were music that could help you meditate? Simply by listening to the music, it was possible to achieve deeper levels of meditation than if you didn't listen to it. binaural beats meditation

    First, let's look at what makes meditation music good. Any meditation music where there is a drum beat should be thrown out. Because any drum beats or rhythms will keep your heart rate high and this keeps you from moving into the very deep states of relaxation where true meditation takes place.

    It is important to be aware of what music you are actually listening. Listening to music that has been purely synthesized means the actual sounds are not made from sound waves. This can cause headaches, and it may not be conducive to meditation. It is also important to take into account the state of meditation of the musician creating the music. Music that is composed by a musician who has reached a high level of meditation will contain their meditative state. brainwaves

    There are many audio programs that "brain-entrainment" can be purchased. These CDs include what are known "binauralbeats." Binaural beats, which are two different electronically produced sinewaves, can be played in either the left or right channels. These sine waves drones differ in frequency.