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when things in Animal Crossing do not go according to how you h

  • Create a video that is entirely different from anything else out there. In the video that I'm going to upload today, which should take place today, I'm going to demonstrate what it is that I created specifically for you. This is a very quaint village house bakery that can be found right in the middle of the village. On my island, I erected one directly adjacent to the home that Vivian rents out to guests. This is Vivian's home, and she has prepared accommodations for guests who have not been introduced to you at this time. In case you're just joining us, my name is Tiger, and I just now published a video on YouTube featuring an animal crossing. If you enjoyed what you saw in this video and would like to see more of my work in the future, please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up. 

    Then, in addition to that, we also provide a variety of small chairs and seating areas. In the area that surrounds this path, there are a significant number of pies to be found. This game is over for me now because there are no more pies to find. Everyone of them has already arrived. Despite the fact that I am certain there are some that I have overlooked, I believe that it turned out really well. This interpretation is very appealing to me. Because I am pleased with the way that it turned out, I do not intend to make any adjustments to it.

    I don't know who you are, but I find it difficult to get excited about redoing something that has already been redone. This is similar to how I think I will make some minor adjustments to it if I decide to redo it in the event that I decide to redo it. I am not familiar with your identity. I have absolutely no interest in participating in this activity at all. We will look into a variety of other possible approaches. I believe that I will keep working on the topographic design of the rest of the river, as well as possibly designing a small butterfly pond. However, before I can do that, I need to clean up the entire area, Buy Animal Crossing Bells as I have been storing a lot of things here, along with all of these random flowers that I am not currently making use of. This needs to be done before I can move on to the next step. At that time, I believe that we can also make a small transition area from this bridge to the bakery; therefore, I believe that we should do this rather than building a bakery today as I had planned. This is because I believe that we can also make a small transition area from this bridge to the bakery. I hope you will like it.

    Recently, I, too, have been experiencing what can only be described as queasy feelings. Please accept my sincere apologies; I'm finally starting to feel quite a bit better after being sick for the past few days. We have made some headway in eradicating this disease, which we will discuss further if you are still interested in hearing about it. I'm going to go ahead and open the island designer app so that we can get started on the process of changing the topography of this river and a small butterfly pond. This will allow us to get things moving in the right direction. One of you very kindly forwarded to me on Twitter an absolutely stunning template of a small butterfly pond. Thank you so much for your help! I am thankful to you for supplying such a large number of worms. The correct response, in my opinion, is "yes."On Twitter, they go by the name "worm."

    It won't detract too much from the actual butterfly shape, so if I do, oh no, well, we need seven spaces, maybe I should put it here, I really don't know, let me continue, first extend the river because I think it's easier, and then we take it where we want to take it. I don't think it will detract too much from the actual butterfly shape. This stretch of the river has probably only been traversed a few times, but it has done so many times. The butterfly shape is not significantly altered by this at all. I am confident that I will move forward and start the process of making the river narrower by modifying its current course. It will be possible for animal crossing bushes and trees to make a smooth transition to the butterfly pool if you do it this way. We are going to go this way to get around it, and then we are going to proceed in this manner moving forward. In spite of the fact that I'm not particularly skilled at waterscape, I'm working on expanding the amount of it that exists on this island. I put a Waterscape in the bakery, which is a little hidden, but I'll tell you, it's just a stream, right here, this stream is right here, well, it looks a little embarrassed, and I think that's because it is. This stream is right here. Because it didn't go into anything, it just stopped here at random; however, in order to conceal its abrupt conclusion, I used this wheat field as a cover, so you won't be able to see it here or anywhere else. To answer your question, yes, we did create a small waterproof treatment for the bakery; however, at this point, we are going to create a small template for the treatment. This simple template reveals that we need seven spaces; however, there are only four spaces available; consequently, it is impossible for us to do what we want.

    Yes, that is a possibility; all right, let's count to three; after that, we will move on to the numbers four, five, and six. Oh, it doesn't matter. Oh, my God, why am I unable to simply rip the shape to the position that I want? OK, this is roughly how tall the butterfly pond is or how long it is, and then it turns nine, so let me actually do this here. This is the approximate length of the butterfly pond. We have the ability to provide ourselves with a little bit more room to breathe. We have the capability of reducing the size of a portion. This pond will take up a lot of space, so it will be very interesting to see how it develops over time. The narrow passage that leads to the bakery is not necessarily a large area.

    In the end, everything will work out perfectly fine. It is not simple to give the impression that it is appealing. Oh no, I have absolutely no clue what to do, but I have faith that everything will turn out okay in the end. Oh my goodness, I was totally under the impression that I was in the bakery!

    In spite of the fact that it is in the bakery, I have faith that we will be able to make it work. In the bakery, we are able to make adjustments to particular things at any time provided that they are connected to one another. Despite the fact that I don't want to make too many adjustments, it's certainly something that can be fixed and improved so that it works better in this setting. A random stream can be found in this area, as I mentioned earlier; however, given that we have the ability to get rid of it at any time, we can construct a path that leads from the bridge to the bakery. Despite the fact that it in no way resembles a butterfly, we are getting closer and closer to achieving our objective. We are making headway in the appropriate course of action.

    Despite the fact that I have to come here and smash all of these pieces, I believe that we are able to make out the outline of a butterfly-shaped hose in the distance from where we are currently standing. At this point, it is beyond the scope of my abilities. It is fortunate that someone emailed me this guide because I have no idea what to do and I have no idea what to do. Oh, my God, I have really made a mess of things this time. Nope, that's not my little one at all. Not at all, but how on earth did I pull it off? I am thankful that someone provided me with a guide because, without one, I do not know if I would be able to draw the shape of a butterfly, or at the very least, I do not believe that I would be able to do so very well. To tell you the truth, I'm thankful that somebody sent me a guide. It would appear that the butterfly pool's design has matured to the point where it can no longer be altered.

    In my opinion, all that is required to link this area's river to this one is a very basic shape that can be found here. It enters the pond with impressive fluidity, not unlike a brook or a river. It's not exactly the neatest thing in the world, that's for sure. Although I anticipate that the transition will be challenging, I am confident that if we give it a chance, it will be fruitful in the end. You fully comprehend what I mean when I say that if we claim that it is successful, then we must be lying about it. The only thing that is left to do at this point is to figure out how to get here. I am under the impression that we will be able to get rid of the river despite the fact that I am under the impression that this will not be possible because we are so close to the pond where the butterflies live.

    Just so you know, I included this bridge in the video before this one. Nevertheless, even if you don't notice it or if you think I'm crazy, won't I remember that there was a bridge? The answer is yes, I did put it in the garbage can while the video was playing so that you don't go completely insane trying to figure out what just happened. This is something that has never been done before. I intend to plant some shrubs in the area that surrounds the butterfly pool so that it appears even more beautiful than it already does. Tank, could you please move to the side so we can pass? It is time to clean up the path that we have been working on, so if you could kindly let me plant this bush in that location, I would greatly appreciate it. Right here; all I need to do is move it a little bit to the side.