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How to Get the Most Experience Points in the New World

  • This method can assist you in gaining a significant amount of XP, but new world gold will not always be as quick as rushing through the story. But it will assist you in more easily reaching the thresholds necessary for your gathering and refining skills to progress smoothly. Moreover, it maintains its consistency from Level 1 all the way up to Level 60.

    The most significant advantage of this method is that the higher average level means you'll be closer to staying on curve with Main Story Quest levels, making some of the later quests much easier and reducing the amount of grinding required at later levels where there are some gaps in the available quests.

    We'll be using the Story Rush Method to complete quests as quickly as possible, but we'll also be taking Town Board missions, Faction missions, and sidequests in addition to quests. The goal is to achieve as many objectives as possible that overlap. Even if we leave the area before they are completed, the majority of Town Board tasks can be completed in other areas, allowing us to return for the XP at a later point. Let's go over the specifics of what to look out for and how to stay on top of things.

    Town job boards are available in all of the provinces and territories.
    These are the ones that are good regardless of where you start, and they make for excellent pickup opportunities. In addition to crafting tasks, there are several hunts that are relatively easy to get to, such as the one described below.

    Jobs in the Crafting Industry should be concentrated on Weapon and Armor Smithing. Fiber, Iron Ore, Raw Hides, Green Wood, and their refined counterparts are all required in varying amounts for each of these. These provide excellent player XP as well as Crafting XP, and the materials can be found almost anywhere you go as you travel. Cooking Jobs can be rewarding, though many of them necessitate the acquisition of specific ingredients, primarily salt and other spices, which you must procure through chance from Provision Crates and herb harvesting.

    Jobs that send you to Hilltop Encampment, Dayspring Mills, Clearwater Bend, Campbell's Rest, or Letum's Pick should be taken here when you first wake up in the morning after a long night.

    These are all locations that have side quests or even main quests associated with them, which means you'll be visiting them at some point in the game. There are a couple of faction missions available at a couple of these locations that can be completed while in the area. There are quests to almost every location in the game, but these are the ones that you'll end up visiting in multiple quests and that appear frequently in other missions.

    Crafting Jobs are a little more difficult to come by in this area because fiber is a little more scarce, but  is also required for some of the better Crafting Jobs. Iron is abundant throughout the majority of First Light's northern region, on the other hand.

    Lynx and rabbit populations have been found in large numbers in the area surrounding the Pyrgos Nao and Elafry Pyrgo Points of Interest. In addition, there is very early access to a large rabbit population in the area around Dayspring Mill.

    Jobs that send you to Alioth, Chason Steep, Adamant Mine, Mines de Miclot, Farside Township, Traitor's Hold, The Gray Mist, and The Dagger should be taken in Monarch's Bluffs, rather than elsewhere in the game. Similar to First Light, these are areas that are visited as part of Main Quests, Side Quests, or Faction Missions, allowing them to be completed in addition to other sources of XP and experience.

    Monarch's Bluff also has a limited number of Fiber access points, with the majority of them being near the border with Windsward. As a result, some Crafting Jobs will be a little more difficult until you make your way over there.

    It should be noted that Monarch's Bluffs has relatively easy access to both Lynx and Sheep. There's also a Spirit Shrine nearby that you can use to Fast Travel to a location that's conveniently close to all of the other locations as well. In the area between Mines de Miclot and Adamant Mines, the Sheep can be found, while the Lynx can be found just outside Archernar.

    Monarch's Bluffs may not be the best starting zone, but  is certainly not a bad choice in any way shape or form. Buy new world gold provides a plethora of features to assist you in leveling up smoothly, as well as a plentiful supply of resources.

    Jobs that take you to places like Pride of Puckett, Hecker's Haven, Stoneview Seabreak, Buccaneer Creek, or Buccaneer Falls are all excellent choices in Windsward. These are common locations for Faction quests, as well as several side quests, which makes them excellent detours for Explore tasks as well as for other purposes.

    How to take advantage of sidequests to level up quickly in the New World
    Sidequests can be found all over the place in each starting region. Taking as many of them as you can and completing them will help you keep up with the required quest level requirements.

    Once you have reached approximately level 20 and have completed the Azoth Staff questline in the main story, you will gain access to Corrupted Breaches. These are events that are dispersed throughout the game world. Despite the fact that they typically only award XP and gear upon completion, they can be a lot of fun to do as a group. It is not recommended to solo them unless you are at or near the recommended level of them, which begins at 25 points.