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The products that are handled by these conveyors are as diverse

  • Because of advancements in technology, they now perform the same handling functions as they did in the past, but with advantages that were not previously possible; for example, they can merge multiple lines into a single one, order a mass flow to bring conveyor into line on their own, and even act as a sorter when necessary. Also available are products and services for maintaining sanitary environments that adhere to FDA regulations. The package will include a PLC, a workstation, and applications that will provide a competitive advantage to your production line, in addition to the other items mentioned.

    Near-infrared (NIR), ultraviolet (UV), and electron beam (EB) radiation curing technologies are among the various types of radiation curing technologies that are currently available. Powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates such as wood, plastic parts, and assembled components with heat-sensitive details could find new applications through the use of these processes.

    • Maintain your focus on the fact that each implementation must be backed by evidence

    • While it is important to consider the profitability of investing in innovative technologies, it is also important to strike a balance and identify the variables that will yield a quick return on investment

    • Let us consider, for example, incidents such as quality and availability, error prevention and elimination, visibility, and productivity, to name a few examples


    In spite of the fact that there are specialized software packages available for performing this type of analysis, you can also seek assistance from a company that is dedicated to the implementation of automation solutions. It is therefore recommended that your areas be divided, in addition to semi-automating your assembly line, so that you can specialize in the relevant processes to give your production the breadth Double side sticker labeling machine requires, as the traditional or manual palletizing that was previously demanded by the market begins to fall short.

    Assembly line is recommended that you first analyze the levels of productivity that your CEDIS currently has based on the flow of products that is being managed, in order to determine how much more productivity per hour / man you will need to increase in order to achieve the highest possible level of productivity.

    This can lead to the point at which it is no longer possible to handle the processes in the manner in which they were initially handled, and you must make the transition from manual to automated processes in order to move the product along your assembly line from one point to another.

    Conveyor belt is necessary to use a powder coating that has been specially formulated to be cured by exposure to ultraviolet light in order for UV curing to be effective. After the powder has been preheated, it must be exposed to UV radiation at a sufficiently high temperature that it becomes molten. The initial heat source is typically infrared, but convection heating can also be used. After that, the coating is subjected to a UV lamp for a period of time. After a photo initiator contained within the coating material absorbs UV energy and converts the liquid film into a solid-cured finish, it only takes a few seconds for the process to be completed.

    The appliance industry is the most significant of the thermosetting powder end-use markets. When thermosetting powder materials are used in the appliance industry, they form uniform thin films with high levels of resistance to chips, impact, detergents, and chemicals, among other things. These characteristics are critical in the manufacturing process of appliances of any kind. These products include refrigerators, washer tops and lids, dryer drums, range housings, dishwashers, microwave oven cavities, freezer cabinets, and external air conditioning units to name a few.