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Twitter As a Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

  • As an active networkinger, I meet many local business owners (Kent or S.E. London). I always ask business owners whom I have never met before how they use Twitter to boost their businesses' profile and find new customers. Most of them tell me that they understand the marketing potential of Twitter. Many of them have a business Twitter account. However, many tell me that managing this account is too time-consuming. video viral twitter

    While it is true that Twitter can be difficult to build a network of quality followers, there are no quick fixes. Each day, business owners must set aside some "Twitter Time". Targeting people on Twitter that are likely to be interested in the business' products or services, and spreading the word about it to others via Twitter is a good way to build their following. If you're not very picky about the people you follow, it's simple to increase your following numbers by using follow-backs. However local businesses have to be followed. A lot of bots following you on Twitter will not be very useful.

    It doesn't matter if your company sells products online. A geographically spread Twitter following is better, but a local Twitter following is best for a business like a taxi firm based in Sevenoaks. While having a large number of US Twitter followers is nice, taxi drivers will be using your services only if they live within a 10 mile radius. Our Sevenoaks taxi firm must have enough engagement to succeed in Twitter after it has started to build a local following. The business owner needs to tweet about things people will be interested in. These include traffic delays, special offers and even fun stuff. video viral twitter

    I meet many business owners who set up a Twitter account and for a short time really give it a go. Then they start to get frustrated that their follower numbers aren't growing and that time spent on Twitter doesn't seem to be translating into new business. I would say to them: Be patient and don't lose sight of Twitter. You must be consistent in your tweeting and take the time to consider who you are trying to reach. Twitter is not a good marketing tool for businesses if you don't have enough time to manage it.